24 October 2019


Murano and professional glasses

The main objects selected by Il Quadro Divino are the collections of wine glasses.

Two ranges of glasses are offered: the professional ones – for wine experts and not – offers glasses for daily use. These are made in Italy, with an untypical design and an high industrial quality.

The artisan range, which includes cups, goblets, flutes and glasses of high value, are products made entirely by hand according to the most traditional Murano techniques, expression of the ability of the highest masters of the renowned island. These glasses are offered with the most varied colors, shapes and sizes.

Selected Veneto’s wines

Our team has done a careful selection of wines that are the fruit of the cultivation of native grapes. We offer a selection of Veneto wines grouped into four distinct categories based on the territory of origin:

– Valpolicella and Western Veneto

– Terre della Garganega

– Breganze, Berici Hills and Euganean Hills

– Hills of Prosecco, Piave and Eastern Veneto.

Each wine comes from small / medium-sized wineries visited by us and with which we have established a relationship of humanity, rather than business. This allowed us to gain a great deal of experience in the field, as each winemaker gave us different details of their work and the production process.

In addition to this variety, we offer a collection of wine commercialized exclusively by us – where the wine becomes good also on the eye: the bottle becomes not only a tasting but also a gadget!


Our glass proposal

Our personalized wine: Essensial